Setting Up Bash-Insulter On Your Terminal

With how intensive coding can be, a bit of lightheartedness goes long way with easing the stress. And since we basically don’t leave our chairs until the work is done, why not make our Terminal throw insults at us if the wrong commands are typed in? Lets get started!

When something incorrect is typed into the Terminal, you’re normally greeted with this:

A typical ‘command not found’ Terminal prompt.

Let’s change that up.

There’s this wonderful free to use Github repo called ‘bash-insulter’ that does exactly what we’re looking for! It also allows the user to change up the insults as needed or make them compliments.

First you’ll need to clone down the repo to your machine, copy in the following line of code, and then input your password. I went ahead and made a directory called ‘insulter’ so I knew where this file lived, but you can put it anywhere.

Cloning down the bash-insulter repo.

The next step is to open up your Zsh profile or Bash profile by typing:

nano ~/.zshrc


nano ~/.bash_profile

Then copy in the following code to source our insulter file automatically for new logins.

Sourcing the bash-insulter file.

Save and quit out of your terminal, then reload it to see the magic!

There’s a very gracious line of code in this program that only shows the insult about half the time.





Full Stack Developer | React | JavaScript | Ruby on Rails

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Victor Scholz

Victor Scholz

Full Stack Developer | React | JavaScript | Ruby on Rails

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